Double and triple ups made easy!



Double up

The idea is to hit your wake at 90 degrees AND to keep the boat up to speed.  By making a wide turn you allow the boat to regain some lost speed.  Start with your normal barbell turn.  The only difference is that your turn will be much wider.  As you approach the wake, keep the boat at 90 degrees and flat.  Do not begin to go back down your path until after the boarder has landed his flight.  This is much easier to do from the backside.  The driver will need to turn clockwise for regular stances and counter clockwise for goofy.

Triple up

The Ultimate wake is the “Triple Up”.  You do this by creating a kink in you wake about 150 feet BEFORE the turn.  Do this by turning hard in the direction of your turn for a second and then straighten back out.  Proceed into the turn as though it’s a double up.  The boat will go about 10-15 feet to the left or right, depending on your direction, of the kinked part of the wake.  Again the rider should follow the trough after the first small roller.  Good luck!  This is a bit tricky and requires a skilled boat driver.


Tips on hitting them!

To hit the double or triple up takes a little bit of practice.  First, edge away from the boat on the inside of the turn.  Then you need to watch the rollers from the old wake.  You want to miss the first small one.  After this roller there will be a trough.  Ride this trough into the converging wakes.  Keep your eye on the wake your riding.  You will see it form the double up just before you hit it!  Tell us what it feels like after you hit correctly!  It’s pretty damn cool!

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